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If you’re here, you probably know me, at least a little bit. I’m now a graduate student at the University of Oregon, Eugene in the Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (CEEB). Starting now (July 2008), I’m off again on a biological research trip to the Antarctic…this time to the Antarctic peninsula and Palmer Station aboard the research vessel / ice-breaker Laurence M. Gould.

I’ll be working with Dr. Art DeVries and Dr. Christina Cheng, professors at the University of Illinois with whom I worked throughout my undergraduate career. With them I was fortunate enough to visit the Antarctic twice before, spending nearly a year in total now at McMurdo Station. Others in our group this season are Kevin B., a graduate student at the University of Illinois advised by Art and Chris, and Grace T., a recent graduate of Harvard University. We’ll be gone approximately two months on this expedition, with about  five weeks at Palmer station and three weeks in transit between Punta Arenas, Chile and Antarctica on the ship and out fishing once we arrive.

The point of all of this is to keep you updated with the current happenings as I see them when I see them..or shortly thereafter. I’ll try to introduce some of the science we do and why we do it, how we do it, and the difficutlies in conducting polar research. Be aware that communication from the ends of the earth can be troublesome, and ship-board internet is notoriously problematic, slow, and traffic limited. Nevertheless, when I get a chance to write about happenings and mis-happenings, or joy, stress, epiphanies, or wonderment, I will.

And one little sheepish caveat. I’m no writer, no journalist, never kept a journal, nor written a blog. This will be practice for me. stand by.

Certainly. Please. Post questions and comments.

paul c.

Punta Arenas, Chile


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30 07 2008

Paul, you look cute in orange…. That pancake ice is really neat. Is it always thin? Does it ever meet and turn into a sheet? The water is really clear because the catchment is small and nutrient poor. What the hell do the fish eat? Buh.

14 08 2008
John Cheeseman

Paul… got the link from Chris, and thank you for the stories. I expect that these will be inspiring to more and more UI students in the year(s) to come.
Stay cool.

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